Qualified Aviation Workforce

Aviation Workforce

Hong Kong also offers a strong pool of talent in the aviation sector. Training programmes on aviation finance are in the pipeline to help facilitating up aircraft leasing businesses in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's workforce is exceptional – highly educated and skilled, adaptable, entrepreneurial, computer literate, industrious, and multilingual.

To strengthen Hong Kong's leading position as a major aviation hub in the region, the Airport Authority Hong Kong established the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy (HKIAA) in 2016 to nurture local and regional air transport management talents with a view to attracting more new blood to the aviation industry and support its overall development. As of end 2021, HKIAA has provided different levels of professional trainings to over 180,000 participants since its first batch of courses rolled out in 2017.

Apart from HKIAA, a number of tertiary education institutions in Hong Kong offer different degrees and higher degree programmes in aircraft leasing or aviation in general to support the continuous development of the industry.