Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Hong Kong 2019


The Airline Economics Growth Frontiers conference aims to bring in airlines from across the globe with a focus on those who have or will have request for proposals in the market for finance and leasing with a specific focus on Asia Pacific airlines and Asia Pacific  finance and leasing concerns.

Event Details
4.11.2019 - 6.11.2019
Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong
Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Hong Kong will provide an exchange platform for those airlines, investors and aviation companies that are interested in the APAC market. Topics discussed include:
• Hong Kong Tax Regime for Aircraft Leasing Industry
• Macro-economic and Political Dynamics affecting the Commercial Aviation Industry
• Capital Market Outlook
• Trends in Aviation Finance
• M&A and Leasing Market Overview
• Commercial Benefits of using the Global Aircraft Trading System (GATS)
• Financing & Investing in Helicopters
• Emerging Aviation Market Debt/ Lease