HK: An International Aircraft Leasing Hub


Hong Kong: An International Aircraft Leasing Hub in the Asia-Pacific Region

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This regime reduces the profit tax from 16.5% to 8.25% in regard to aircraft leasing

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Huge market opportunities under the "Belt and Road" initatives

Hong Kong Advantages
Between now and 2037, the number of airline passengers is expected to enjoy a compound annual growth rate of about 4.7 percent annually. This increase in traffic will require 42,000+ new aircrafts, at a value of about US$6.3 trillion. In 2020, aviation industry experts predict that over 50 percent of all new aircraft construction will be financed by leasing.
China Aircraft Leasing Group
Case Studies
China Aircraft Leasing Group Extends Hong Kong Aircraft Leasing Platform
Flying High in Aircraft Leasing Business
Case Studies
Flying High in Aircraft Leasing Business
Setting up
  • Setting up in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is one of the top global cities to set up a business. Getting started is relatively quick and easy, setup costs are low and the overall environment encourages businesses to thrive.

  • Detailed Concessionary Tax Regime

    Applicable to Qualifying Aircraft Lessors and Qualifying Aircraft Leasing Managers